Portable OpenSSH

Most of the information relating to the port of OpenBSD's excellent implementation of SSH protocol 2 to just about every POSIX operating system on the planet is best obtained from better connected sources. The distribution files themselves are especially well mirrored.

What is here are the openssh-unix-dev and openssh-unix-announce mailing lists, bug tracking system as well as a rsync server for those who wish to run AnonCVS mirrors or host the snapshot files. We also have some tutorial notes and slides which some people find helpful.

Mailing lists

There are currently two mailing lists relating to portable OpenSSH, one for developers and one for announcements only. Either may be subscribed to by through the eMail lists page.

The developers list is currently open for non-subscribers to post to. Traffic is light to moderate (five to twenty messages per day). Valid subjects are the development of OpenSSH (both portable and OpenBSD versions), documentation and troubleshooting (assuming you have read the manual). HTML or "rich text" formatted email, large attachments or discussions about the occasional spam message that makes it onto the list are strongly frowned upon. Posting requests for help which demonstrate your lack of familiarity with the basic documentation will get you a lot of "RTFM" responses.

The announcement list is open to posting for the developers only. If you have something relating to OpenSSH you would like announced, send it via the developers list and it may get forwarded to the announce list (if you ask for it and/or it is clearly of interest to a wider audience of users).

Development Source

Bleeding-edge nightly snapshots as well as anonymous CVS access to the development source are available. If you want to contribute (excellent!), please follow the OpenBSD style guide when submitting code. Patches should be send in unified diff format. Be forewarned that the OpenSSH developers are very wary of adding more code, especially code that implements new features - it is usually best to check the mailing list archives or to ask for comments on your idea before implementing it.

Rsync server

There is an anonymous rsync server available for those who wish to set up mirrors of the development source code (either CVS files or snapshots). If you wish to set up a mirror, please contact Damien Miller to get access and to be added to the relevant web pages.