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NB. This information is historical. xobject has been folded into mtemplate. Please see mtemplate for current information.

This is a simple generic type library for C, loosely modelled on Python. The fundamental types supported are "None", arrays, dictionaries (string-keyed lookups), strings and integers. Types may be nested inside multi-valued types; e.g. arrays may contain other arrays as an element, dictionaries may contain dictionaries of arrays, etc. The library also supports iteration over arrays and dictionaries.

xobject is licensed under a ISC/BSD licence. Please see the LICENSE file in the source for details.


Wed, 28 Mar 2007: xobject in CVS

I have just comitted xobject to CVS. It is a minimal generic type library for C, similar to Python's and Glib's GObject but way simpler and smaller. At present it is only available in CVS, but if it interests you then please mail me and I will consider making a release.

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xobject has been folded into mtemplate.