AsiaBSDCon 2007 - Security Measures in OpenSSH

I presented this paper at AsiaBSDCon 2007 in Tokyo. Here's the abstract:

This paper examines several security measures that have been implemented in OpenSSH. OpenSSH's popularity, and the necessity for the server to wield root privileges, have made it a high-value target for attack. Despite initial and ongoing code audits, OpenSSH has suffered from a number of security vulnerabilities over its 7.5 year life. This has prompted the developers to implement several defensive measures, intended to reduce both the likelihood of exploitable errors and the consequences of exploitation should they occur. This paper examines these defensive measures; each measure is described and assessed for implementation effort, attack surface reduction, effectiveness in preventing or mitigating attacks, applicability to other network software and possible improvements.

The paper and slides are available for download here:

They are also available from the AsiaBSDCon site itself and from the well-mirrored OpenBSD papers collection.