OpenBSD Hackathon c2k4 - Calgary, Canada

These were taken at the annual OpenBSD hackathon in Calgary, Canada between 19th June 2004 and 26th July 2004. Most of the photos here are of the amazing hike that we went on around Lake Louise (near Banff). There are more photos to come, once I get my camera back off my wife :)

These photos are in chronological order. Where names are listed, they read from left to right.

Other OpenBSD developers took photos too: aaron@, henning@ (many). beck@ (disorganised), dkrause@, pval@.

8th Street, Calgary

"the best of the wurst"

Some cool public art

made with multicoloured gravel

Hacking room

So true...

BBQ at Theo's

The drink of choice was beer

maja@, nordin@, ho@ and many more

A strange drink called "Caesar"

Markus and Itojun

pb@, hshoexer@ and miod@

niklas@ explains "beer hurling"

ho@, avsm@ & markus@ in awe of beer hurling

niklas@ hurls beer

everyone hurled beer

Calgary skyline at dusk


View from the hotel

On out way to Lake Louise

Getting close

At Lake Louise

Across the lake

Climbing away from the lake

deraadt@ and canacar@

andreas@ and pval@

First (brief) stop

Mirror Lake

Next stop - the end of the easy hike



The hard hike begins

Strange melted snow shape

Scree slopes

Looking back at the tea house

Climbing higher

Near the top

One of the stunning vermillion lakes

me (already visibly tired)

pval@ was just getting warmed up...


I am underexposed

pval@ and me

Trying to keep up with Theo (I paid later for my hubris)


Snow, scree and mountain

Another cute critter

It obviously expected to be fed

Back down the scree slope

Australia doesn't have real mountains, so these were intimidaing in their size

sturm@, avsm@ and nordin@ at the far end of the hard hike

millert@, claudio@ and deraadt@

On our way back down, some still coming up

On our way back. The chateau (where we started) is visible in the distance

Every time I stopped to take some photos, everyone got far ahead

Impressive vegetation

Back at ground level, avsm@ prematurely celebrates

So do I

As do sturm@ and xsa@

Rock climber's dream

Altophobe's nightmare

Getting closer

We're back. Looking out from the chateau (my favouite picture)