OpenBSD-related things


A configuration file for OpenBSD's userland ppp(8) daemon to get it working with Telstra Bigpond's EVDO service using one of the Maxon / CMOTech USB/PCMCIA cards (the PCMCIA cards are actually a USB EVDO part behind an OHCI USB controller in the one shell).

Note that the card's IMEI must be registered using the Windows connection manager before it will work elsewhere. Also note that the kernel needs to recognise the card as requiring the UQ_ASSUME_CM_OVER_DATA usb quirk or the card will not attach. OpenBSD 3.9-beta (and greater) have this done, but you might need to add it to src/sys/dev/usb/usb_quirks.c or similar for NetBSD or FreeBSD.


Another userland ppp(8) config file; this time for Vodafone Australia's GPRS service. I use this with an Audiovox RTM-8000D CF adapter on my Zaurus.