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Projects @ Mindrot.org

Projects and quick hacks that (to some extent) live here include:

Portable OpenSSH
The port of OpenBSD's SSH protocol implementation to other POSIX operating systems (including most Unices and Windows via Cygwin).
A small, fast, secure and featureful NetFlow™ collector daemon. [moved to Google Code]
Cisco NetFlow™ datagram export for OpenBSD's PF packet filter.
A set of makefiles and scripts for building small, customised OpenBSD distributions suitable for running off read-only boot media (especially flash). Based on OpenBSD's install floppy build system.
This is a software implementation of Cisco's NetFlow™ traffic accounting protocol. It collects and tracks traffic flows by listening on a promiscuous interface. Designed for minimal CPU load on busy networks. [moved to Google Code]
Miscellaneous Code
Various other things developed or patched here, including Python modules:
A suite of network traffic monitoring tools, which can write reports in a number of formats. Largely unmaintained.
OpenBSD-related things
Patches and config snippets related to OpenBSD.
SSH Protocol, Tips and Tricks tutorial
In 2002 I was invited to give a tutorial at the Australian Unix Users Group's Winter conference introducing the SSH protocols, the OpenSSH implementation and demonstrating some of the its fundamental and more advanced uses. The slides and the tutorial notes are distributed here in a number of formats which I occasionally update to keep abrest of continuing development.

Recent updates

Tue, 21 Dec 2004

Since the OpenBSD 3.6-STABLE branch picked up a few more fixes since 2004-12-18, I updated and rebuilt the binary release. It is available as flashboot-0.6.1r1. The source release is unchanged.

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Mon, 20 Dec 2004

Released flashboot-0.6.1, including a binary distribution based of OpenBSD 3.6-STABLE. This release fixes a couple of bugs in the packing list, including one that caused all setuid binaries to be installed without their setuid bits. The binary release includes all of the OpenBSD 3.6-STABLE fixes as of 2004-12-18.

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